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So many great and warm words, emotions, excitements, impressions...

This is a list of some of our friends opinions and testimonials about the trip they did with us - WildRhinoHorn Safari!

It's our honour and pleasure to make this trip one of a kind for each and every person who join us for this unforgettable adventure around South Africa!!!

Dear Archie,

No better way to see South Africa then with this tour.  We felt safe, secure, and really had a vacation of a lifetime.  Every detail was taken care of from the airport pickup, to the Safari, to superb accommodations, to the unbelievable food!  I can't wait to come back again and re-experience South Africa.  This really is a vacation you NEED to take and check off your "bucket list".

Tim & Lisa Findly

Vancouver, Canada

Hi Archie,

I want to thank you for the most incredible vacation ever! Africa ended up everything you said it would be! We're coming back to visit you in 2016. For anyone considering touring Africa with Archie it would be a trip of a lifetime! From the minute we arrived to the date we left everything was top notch.

Keep in touch!

Antoine Mandy & Alana Douglas

Vancouver, Canada

Hi Archie & Oxy

WildRhinoHorn Safari gave me the chance to get reconnected to old friends, South Africa and myself! I will definitely do it again next year!

Geoffrey H. Fullerton, CEO

The Fullerton Group, Jamaica

Dear Oxy & Archie

Tom and I wanted to write and thank you for giving us such a wonderful vacation.  It really was a trip of a life time!  Even though going to Africa was never on our bucket list of things to do we feel like our lives have been enriched by our experiences with you.

  Every day we experienced something new!  The diversity of wildlife and plant species we saw were amazing.  We still can’t believe we saw four male lions sitting together under that tree.  We became more excited with each animal we saw as we traveled through Kruger Park.  I can’t wait to share my pictures with the students at my school, especially the penguin pictures!   I wish everyone could experience giraffes, zebras and elephants so close.  After visiting the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center and seeing the cheetahs and the rhino who’s horn had been cut off by poachers, it made us realize more your mission to save and promote awareness of the plight of the African Rhino and other endangered species.  There is nothing like having the ultimate close encounters with wild animals that we had.  Going to a zoo will never be the same.  We don’t think there is another place on earth  like it anywhere. 

    Thank you also for taking such good care of us.  The places we stayed were wonderful.  We loved sleeping in the tents and hearing the drums and animal sounds at night.  The meals you prepared for us were delicious and the company around the campfire made it even better.  We loved staying at the winery and the wine tasting! Your hospitality and care that you took to ensure that we were having a trip of a lifetime was certainly appreciated.

    When people ask us if we would ever go back, we answer a resounding “Yes!” We feel like we have made seven new life-long friends who experienced with us some of the best times we have ever had on a vacation. You are both very special people and we are so happy to have been able to make this memorable journey with you.



Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Archie & Oxy

We wanted to thank you again for everything.  Thank you for sharing your personal treasures with us.   Words are completely inadequate to describe what we felt on the trip but it was the most incredible experience of our lives.  Your hospitality and attention to every detail made the trip even more personal. 

Donna Ballard & Stephan Wolanczyk

Ohio, USA

Hello Archie & Oxy

Our vacation was LOVELY! We enjoyed every moment. African Adventure was everything we were promised it would be - everything we saw, did and experienced. We were treated very well! The best and the favourite part was to see all the animals, especially in the Kruger National Park.

We'd love to vist you in South Africa again and do another WildRhinoHorn Safari!

Thank you!

Andrea Robertson, Virginia Kutsop, Nancy Dunnigan

New Jersey, USA

Dear Friends,

We are very touched by your warm and wonderful words!

Your opinion is very important for us - it is our honour to create exciting and unforgettable African Safari experience for you!

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